Help Me Help You: Cody to Learn Plant Medicine in Oaxaca

I started this blog in October, 2013 to begin sharing more widely my writings and work, as well as to provide open space for correspondence thereof, and also to create a space where folks who are interested and capable can contribute financially to support the work I am doing.

I need funds for studying plant medicine, addiction and alternatives to education at the University of the Earth. To donate, see

Help me help us :)

Hello I am Cody Lestelle. I just finished my Bachelor of Arts degree in the Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington in June 2013 (although I received my piece of paper from CHID at graduation, I technically still have to drop CHID honors or come back and test out of 2nd year spanish to get my BA from UW). For video of me at CHID graduation see “Cody Lestelle Honored at the CHID Graduation Ceremony“. You can read my senior thesis “AbolishingEducation and Liberating Creation: the Beginnings of a PracticalGuide and Manifesto” at I am currently in the process of raising funds for my journey to Mexico City, San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas), and eventually Oaxaca where I will study plant medicine, addiction and alternatives to education at the University of the Earth (Universidad de la Tierra, Oaxaca).

Here you can view the letter of intention that I sent in as part of my application to the Zapatista Little School in Chiapas December 2013 (to learn about the Escuelita Zapatista, see The Escuelita Zapatista and its proposal to the movements | ROAR and Special Section/Sección Especial: The Zapatista Little School Preparation – PDFs of EZLN communiques ; for a documentary introduction to the Zapatista’s see A Place Called Chiapas and/or Zapatista). As I state in the above letter to the Z’s, I have grown up with my family struggling with addiction, including my father committing suicide when I was in high school because he could not handle “the demons inside” him any longer (quote from his suicide letter to his brother). I also am dealing with various chronic bodily health issues that the medical system here seems to be at a complete loss of both knowledge and will to address. Beyond the particulars of healing with plants, I am also very excited to learn and share alternatives to education or autonomous forms of education (i.e. ways of learning and living that are not based on turning people into tools for corporations and governments). After the completion of the December round of the Escuelita Zapatista, I will be going to UniTierra Oaxaca where I will focus on alternatives to education, understanding and learning to treat addiction, and plant medicine from the beginning of January until April 2014.

Whatever knowledge and skills I gain throughout this journey I will freely share with others in need, and I am confident that I will have very valuable things to share.

With the current crises in government, education, economics, healthcare and all aspects of life in the USA/occupied Turtle Island at present, I believe we are in sore need of skills coming from the practices of otros mundos (other worlds) as the current infrastructure seems to be crumbling even as the next generations are being born. I believe we are already in, as the Zapatistas say, ‘a world in which many worlds fit’ all we need to do now is share and create amongst these worlds that which we and the next seven generations need.

So…I am requesting your financial support with my traveling expenses, the cost of living, and contributions to my hosts (whomever they may be at a given time) from November 2013 through the end of March 2014.

This journey is important to me, you and the world because we are living in the midst of immense societal collapse/transformation and there is a severe lack of in-depth and practical knowledge of alternatives to the existing dominant infrastructure here (in the USA) and I will be learning from people and communities that are living alternatives, boots on the ground, right now. At the same time I acknowledge that there are indeed many groups and individuals within the borders of the US at present who do in fact have much needed knowledge and my intention with the previous statement is not to invisibilize that. Nonetheless, I believe this journey to Oaxaca has many unique things to offer that make it worthwhile and which I will expound upon in various forms later. When I return, this knowledge will be shared with communities at home that will thus be able to share in the benefits of my journey through workshops, writings, gatherings, report backs, time at social centers, skill shares and other learning activities.

For an example of my past experience organizing such autonomous learning activities, see:

People will be able to keep track of things I am sharing at
Twitter @CodyLestelle and on my Facebook

Also, to learn more about Unitierra, see the following short documentary “Unitierra: Our Roads”

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