EZLN: On the eve of the festival

Posted on December 21, 2014


Chiapas Support Committee



December 19, 2014 19

To the Congreso National Indigenous Congress:
To the National and International Sixth:


Receive our greetings. We write to give you an advance about how the inscription is going of participants in the First Worldwide Festival Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism: “Where those above destroy, those below reconstruct.”

  1. – Native Peoples of Mexico – Representatives of organizations, traditional authorities and individuals from the following native peoples have confirmed their participation:

Yaqui, Yoreme-Mayo, Guarijío, Tohono Odham (Pápago), Wixárika (Huichol), Náyeri (Cora), Nahua, Coca, Zoque, Purhépecha, Ñahñú (Otomí), Totonaco, Popoluca, Migrants in the city (Purhépecha, Mazahua, Mayo, Tojolabal, Nahua), Ñahtó (Otomí), Mazahia, Mephá (Tlapaneco), Na savi (Mixteco), Nancue ñomdaa (Am uzgo), Tojolabal, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Chol, Peninsular Maya, Zoque (Ampeng), Binnizá (Zapoteco), Chinateco, Ñu savi (Mixteco), Afromestizo, Triqui, Cuicateco, Mazateco, Chatino, Mixe and Ikoot.

  1. – From the Sexta in Mexico: individuals, collectives, groups, and organizations…

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