Latest news from San Sebastian Bachajón

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Latest news from San Sebastian Bachajón


The compañeros of Ejido San Sebastian Bachajón have sent the following information: After being missing for 8 hours, the compañeros Mariano Pérez Álvaro, Miguel Jiménez Silvano, Juan Deara Perez, Antonio Gomez Estrada, Manuel Gómez Estrada, Juan Gomez Estrada, Pacual Gómez Álvaro and Martín Álvaro Deara were located in another community 12 kilometres away. They are fine, and say that they managed to escape from the hands of the police, who tried to seize them.

When over 800 state police attacked them, the men and women in the camp who were guarding the land had to escape to the jungle, mountain, hills and ravines.

A group from the free media found that the police are still guarding the recovered territory. There were two state police trucks, and several white vans which were full of police. The detachment there came from different places like Simojovel, Bochil and…

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