Home Demos: UW leadership and a new Skanska target!

Posted on April 23, 2015



Reportback from Seattle area activists:

Activists in the Seattle area spent Wednesday evening continuing to celebrate World Week for Animals In Laboratories — and leading up to the March on University of Washington this Saturday — with three home demos.

HD3The first stop was the mansion of UW Regent Jeremy Jaech at 1000 14th Ave. E, Seattle, for the second time this week. Activists chanted outside the gates of the property and chalked the street and sidewalk in front of his house — and a neighbor even joined them in chalking! — until Jeremy’s wife Jacqueline came out to talk with the protesters. Apparently the noise of the protest had interrupted her napping in preparation for a tennis match. She brought their two little dogs outside with her, leading the activists to wonder how someone who shares his home with beloved dogs can sentence other animals to life in an underground lab. She told the…

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