Shell Oil Is In Bed With Putin (On the Down-Low)

Seattle Free Press



Hundreds of fliers with the above cartoon and a shorter version of this article were handed out at Seattle’s Pride festival and a local Shell station.

We have marriage equality at last! However, we cannot forget our loved ones still resisting homophobic laws. The U.S. government and major corporations continue to back homophobic governments around the world. Our fight for equality cannot stop at the border.

In Russia, anti-gay laws censor any positive mention of homosexuality, outlaw adoption by same-sex partners, ban transgender people from driving, block same-sex partner employee benefits, and inevitably encourage queer bashings, including murders. President Vladimir Putin even declared his intention to “cleanse” Russia of homosexuality.

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden bows to President Putin Shell CEO Ben van Beurden bows to President Putin

Boycotting Russian vodka won’t do much. The Russian government’s largest business partner in the United States isn’t Stoli, it

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