Join the discussion August 22nd! Abolishing Education & Creating Alternatives…

Abolishing Education & Creating Alternatives:
Against Intergalactic Imperialism and for a World in Which Many Worlds Fit

Education is and always has been a concept and project of Empire. Education comes from the Latin root *educare* meaning “to bring up.” Seeing the facts of boarding schools vs the original peoples of Turtle Island and even earlier institutions of education we can read “to bring up” to really mean “uproot from ancestral lands and assimilate to empire.” Schools seek to make us addicts to money so that Empire may force us to attack the earth and help its mining companies colonize the galaxy with their self-destructive civilization.

The robbery of our capacities to learn as a natural part of life has been so successful that the very idea of learning is often confused with education. While it has become commonplace to talk about the “school to prison pipeline” this very phrase masks the function of schools *as* prisons. We will briefly discuss the colonization and incarceration of our minds and bodies (and spirits if it pleases) through education and then focus on forms of learning in freedom and right relationship with the earth and each other.

This is taking place as part of the 2015 Seattle Anarchist Bookfair. Complete bookfair info at

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Wheelchair accessible building with wheelchair accessible bathrooms. Wheelchair accessible entrance from Warren and Republican. This is intended to be a fragrance free event, please avoid wearing or carrying any strong fragrances. The following info is from
Is VERA wheelchair accessible? Is there designated wheelchair/accessible seating?
Yes! Our front (show) door is located at the bottom of a ramp, & our office door is located at street level with a long hallway that goes through our recording studio to a wheelchair elevator that goes from the studio to backstage/ground level. This means that whichever door you enter, it’s possible for a chair to get to our main floor/showroom. The showroom currently doesn’t have a designated area for disabled seating or wheelchairs; the show room is mainly one big open space, but we’d be happy to figure out how to designate an area if need be. For a photo of the showroom & stage, please see

Full bookfair schedule (as of August 17th):


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