Creative Collaborators Wanted…Decolonization, Games, Learning, Life.

I recently put up a craigslist ad:

Creative Collaborators Wanted…Decolonization, Games, Learning, Life.

compensation: Based on our own collective fundraising efforts.

What if instead of going through K-12 education and the University system, spending lots of money and/or accruing debt, facing a scarcity economy dominated by mass incarceration, genocide and ecocide, we were to organize ourselves based on games designed for the purpose of mutual capacitation? I am looking for collaborators on a multiplatform (e.g. strictly oral mediums, electronic, pencil and paper, tabletop, sportslike) storytelling game that is meant to be used as a tool for individual and social organization to time travel and manifest a world in which many worlds fit. Any compensation will be based on forming a team of people and collectively organizing a crowdfunding campaign that will provide for agreed upon living stipends among other project costs formed by the collective.

I am starting to think perhaps I will get together a conference call sometime in the next week or two. Please fill out this WhenIsGood poll to help schedule said call

A bit of the idea with the game to be developed is using the concept and mechanisms of character creation and “party building” or “team building” to intentionally organize ourselves to optimize mutual aid on individual and collective levels; a group of players intentionally crafting their characters to be complimentary with respect to all of their skills, knowledges, traditions, objectives etc. …and/or using the concept to analyse and set intentional paths regarding where a given “party”( i.e. group of people walking/travelling–literally or figuratively–together toward something) currently is and how to attain desired metamorphoses. Individuals and individual parties, groups, collectives, guilds etc. further use the mechanics of the ‘game’ to establish cooperative relationships for manifesting whatever it is they have the capacity and desire for between their respective conglomerations.

Also one thing in the meantime could be checking out this Webs of Samsara collective storytelling game I have very slowly been working on as side project for some years but with very little in the last few:

-Cody Lestelle


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