TOGETHER WE RISE: Benefit to Protect Mt. Shasta, Mauna Kea, the Snow and All Life

[UPDATEBe sure to share and tune in, live broadcast begins here at 630pm PST:


Just want to announce this benefit show in defense of Mauna Kea and Mt. Shasta. Both are sacred places and under attack by modern/colonial/capitalist forces. Show is on November 21st in Los Angeles and will be a great opportunity for folks motivated by earth and water defense, indigenous struggle and solidarity, bioregionalism, Winnemem Wintu and Hawaiian cultures and self-determination, Mount Shasta and Mauna Kea. Also for those concerned with decreasing snow levels in the Pacific Northwest, whether because you are into some kind of snow sport and/or just plain care about life, perhaps through helping defend Poliʻahu by protecting her home of Mauna Kea, she can help us save and recuperate snow levels of in Coast Salish Territories

Below are the details, please check it out and share with anyone who may be interested. If anyone plans to drive from nearby Duwamish and Suquamish territories (Seattle area) and you have extra space please let me know as I know some folks who would love to go if they could find a ride…

Lōkahi: Together We Rise
When: Saturday November 21, 6PM
Where: Fairfax High School, Los Angeles, CA
Special Guests: Pua Case, Chief Caleen Sisk, and Hawane Rios. Kumu Hula Association of Northern California and Mikilani Young will also be performing.

Performing Artists: True Press, NAHKO (of Nahko and Medicine for the People), SaritahCempoalli, and Kekaimoku

For tickets –> 

Stand in UNITY ALL INDIGENOUS PEOPLE! Things are happening to all of our Sacred Places and it is time to LOKAHI!!!!!!! TOGETHER WE RISE!!!!!!!
Come raise your voices, your intentions, your vibrations, prayers this day as ONE!
We are ALL in this TOGETHER!!!!!
Tribes of Hawai’i
Tribes of the Americas
Tribes of Canada
Tribes of Alaska
Tribes of Aisa
Tribes of Africa
Tribes of the World
(To stand Strong like a Mountain)
Together we are not defeatehd


Cody Lestelle

I urge the young to rebel against the school system and take it down, instituting their own system of learning…Only when the enemy’s entire system is dismantled can we all be truly free. Death to schools!”
Sean Swain, Political Prisoner

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