What’s going on in the Kingdom of Hawai’i… Civil Beat 11-13-13… “State Issues New Guidelines On Media’s Mauna Kea Access”

Posted on November 17, 2015


“TMT construction crews to return to Mauna Kea on Wednesday” #protectmaunakea #WeAreMaunakea #alohaaina #MaunaaWakea
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mauna_kea_herb_kane_poliahu_33[Note: The actual document is at the end of the article. Links are here and here.]

This “showed up” yesterday, and this results from an announcement by TMT that, in spite of the fact that a Supreme Court decision is being awaited on the legality of TMT Corporation’s permit to build on Mauna Kea, they are still going to go up and attempt to do some things related to the TMT (I can assure you, they have to know the Supreme Court will be saying “No”).

My view of this is that it is an effort to artificially create an “atmosphere of confrontation”:
Point 1) Don’t wait for any court decision, just go up anyway, so “atmosphere of confrontation” is created.
Point 2) Get the DLNR to set “rule for media coverage”, so “lines to cross” are created.
Point 3) If crews come up and are blocked by…

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