Finished UH Mānoa graduate school application!

So…ya that is happening. Still not sure if I will actually end up going or not but if you are curious to know more please read my Statement of Intentions and my Writing Sample “Playing to LIVE, NOT Living to Pay: Abolishing/Decolonizing Education and Cultivating (Under)Commons [Preliminary Notes]” (PDF; ODT; DOCX). Still going to be working on refining the Writing Sample for my own purposes well into the future so any feedback is welcome (current draft is pretty rough).

2 thoughts on “Finished UH Mānoa graduate school application!

  1. It must be very difficult for all of you groing up in that way. Live is already so difficult and it seams very bad by your side of the fence, but take strong and all of we’ll see something better that this patetic,capitalist live. stay Strong Brothers we are going to win this war. MITAKUNE OYASIN.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Andrea, sorry I never responded until now. I recall reading it somewhere closer to when you initially left it but was not in a position to reply at the time. I hope all is well with you, stay strong & keep fighting the good fight. Peace

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