Anti Trump Rally LIVE

[Re-published from Mijente Seattle]

In Honor of Native American Land, Washington Residents Block Street to Trump Rally with “Make Lynden Coast Salish Again” Banner

Click Here to Watch Action Live Right Now

Right now over dozen residents of Whatcom and King Counties in Washington are blocking two main streets leading to the rally of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump in Lynden, Washington.

The protesters are risking arrest with a“Make Lynden Coast Salish Again”banner adapting the known slogan to contrast the town’s former Native American name and heritage with its modern history of racism, which includes being the location of the largest gathering of members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Josefina Mora, 18, one of the youngest participants, said about her participation:“I am putting my body on the line to stop fascism from taking over our country. Today I am fighting for my mom, for my Native American neighbors and friends, and anyone who has been the target of hatred whether it comes from Trump or the local police.” 

We are supporting this action because we believe that the general public will continue to do what the Republican party and primary electorate would not – resist and reject the divisive and extremist rhetoric his campaign represents.

Communities are protesting today because they already know the painful and ineffective impact of immigration policies that separate, incarcerate and harm and Mr. trump only presents more of the same in the wrong direction.

Read more about the action today and watch live here.
Thank you,

The Mijente Team


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