13 year anniversary

Suicide. We just passed the 13 year anniversary of my father, Steven Joseph Lestelle, being killed by way of suicide on September 13th, 2003. I write this from the same island he was born on but which I have only recently come to know. I say he was killed by suicide and not that he killed himself because I believe this suicidal society encouraged him to do so through so much of what it teaches. I am completely against everything about society that teaches suicide and I will never take my own life; I cannot give this empire of death the satisfaction of using my own hands as its murder weapon against me. Instead I say we need to continue cultivating communities rooted in the love of life and the mothers who give life, including our earth mother. If more “men” were taught it is okay to “fail” and ask for support, or rather not taught all these ridiculous standards of “success” of the “American Dream” and patriarchy and were instead taught to be supportive and vulnerable to the women, other men, and gender non-conforming people around them I believe we would immediately see a vast decrease in suicide across all demographics. It is great to see all the land defenders out there stopping the attempts by this insane empire to commit collective suicide by trying to kill our earth mother who sustains all life here. I just wanted to write and share this little note honoring and publicly forgiving my father, for he did not know what else to do and could not understand this terrible thing that pushed him over the edge. But he did leave myself and my brother and those we are ancestors to to figure it out and avenge him and make his life and death worthwhile. I love and miss you dad, thanks for everything you have done and are doing for us. Baby is delighted to have you as a grandfather.
From the Island of Oʻahu, Hawaiian Kingdom, Oceania
September 14th, 2016
-Cody Steven Lestelle
PS- Please see, share and contribute if you are able and so inclined. We really appreciate it: Playful Community vs Individual and Collective Suicide!

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