IMMW (un)conference calls/chats poster

IMMW UnConference

Would you be interested at any point in joining the new moon/full moon (un)conference call/chat’s we are holding every ~2 weeks through the Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder? We would love to feature you as a speaker on any topic of your choosing. We don’t have any sort of funds for honorarium and can only offer it as a platform for whatever your current focus is and we can promote whatever you want promoted in general through If you are potentially interested you can see all of the dates and times for these virtual gatherings on the events page of the website or by following the Doodle link at the bottom of the landing page (of … click the bright pìnk “RSVP HERE” and you will see the dates). They usually take place beginning at 6pm PST on the eve of each full moon and new moon. We are also open to scheduling a separate time/date if you are interested but none of those dates work. Consider this an invitation to a virtual panel organized by the Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic and Wonder. You could be a solo speaker, one of multiple panelists, or a co-organizer of a more entirely horizontal discussion depending on what you want to focus on and how you want to present it.
The chats take place via Discord and have voice and written chat capabilities with multiple rooms inside of our channel to facilitate central discussion, lobby, space with room for smaller group discussions apart. Discord is available on iPhone, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows and is totally free to use. RSVP on Doodle. Our channel is located HERE. The initial discussions over the coming moon cycles will go far in shaping the trajectory of the IMMW and thus its interventions on the third planet.
If you might be down please just say what you would like to focus on and what date(s) and times work for you. The purpose of this is to help cultivate non-institutionalized and decentralized spaces for sharing on important topics related to life on earth. The exact benefits are unknown in advance but we are told they are immense.
We graciously await your attendance.

  • Facebook event page here

Cody/Jeruviel Stardust
(on behalf of IMMWE)

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