Chthonic Commitments and the Embrace of Mass Extinction

Chthonic Commitments and the Embrace of Mass Extinction [PDF]

Sitting on the precipice of collapse. Or is it inside the ongoing collapse? I am here feeling a whole rut of gut rut wrote in a cloud of smoke with not the know how to glow through the below and over beyond the smog a big bellow is begun and within the realm of the ring we are here stuck feeling choking breathing ashes and soot and gashes our lungs and no knowledge of how or what or why or who just sorrow and crushing. Crushing. Why is this boot here? Why is this boot here. Who’s foot. Why does this foot wear this boot. Why does this body move this boot to my face in such a fash-un. Unbecoming of life. Unlife. But a green spark continues. A green spark glows. Maybe it is all over and all action is futile. We cannot know though that it is so. But we must do. Something. Even if that something is a nothing with wisdom. But it seems a great deal of effort and coordinated activity crafting societies other than that which eats and shits on all can be heard in the clarity of the call. Something else. Something new but ancient. Somethings. Many many somethings that all of course by fact and way of being are but a pattern. From an ancient pattern that had been destroyed or interrupted, at least some of it. Much of it. Many expressions of it destroyed but it is not over. No the pattern is was and always will be there to be accessed. The blueprints greenprints pinkprints blackprints and purples abound. Sharing and salvaging. Polar bears living in mountain caves or on sea boats. Some Kevin Costner Water World type deal without all the rapacious pirates and Dances With Wolves settler-colonialism of the future and imagination. Extinction. If we are in fact going extinct as a species and any life like that which we are is doomed can we at least go gracefully? A festival of benevolence and sharing among us all? Why all the poisons prisons and robots border cops and death squads? That all just seems so unnecessary. Robots okay. But let’s not make them as slaves. I’ve seen the Animatrix … probably not a good idea. Let’s instead imagine worlds with healthy ways of relating to/with electronics, computers, and AI. Let’s instead imagine and create a present full of health, abundance, tree fort, geo-dome, rope bridge, airship fleet, bouncing, river swimming, sea sailing, sweet and spicy, loving caring, bitter but not murderous, chill but creative and certainly not slothful, multitudinous communities who only expand beyond earth as benevolent voyagers and never as exploratory extractors. So I guess what I am really getting at here is… let’s pretend like maybe everything is not for sure 100% doomed, or even just accept that it is, but either way let’s live today and every single moment as though creating the best possible heres and nows and futures for ourselves depends on how we choose to express ourselves and relate to one another. Let’s just be the best people we can be and make room for everyone else too.

2017-08-03 bc fires from space
[BC fires from space. August 3rd, 2017. Photo from NASA]

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