[Last Call] Open invite to radical experiment in Democracy + Minecraft Online Summer Course


You find yourself trapped in an unfamiliar world that does not reflect the knowledges and traditions of your ancestors. How did you arrive here? What is the deal with this constantly rising Army of Darkness & living dead? Why are they angry? Can you get back to where you came from? How can you make this world-eating world more hospitable to your people in the meantime?

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know there is still space in the Advanced Democratic Practice & Theory Through Games course I am teaching and registration deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th. We are running a collective experiment in democracy in Minecraft by creating our own townships complete with their own democratic governance systems and economies. We begin with creation of our own characters and then develop the infrastructure and story through building up the Library of the Undercommons. Through our in-game library we will be bringing our readings of the course texts and other media into the mix. The course is open to anyone with a high school diploma, international equivalents, or some college.
The course is 100% online and through the Outreach College, so anyone can register at resident tuition rates regardless of your status. UHM students can register directly through star without any further steps and those based on other campuses just need to contact Outreach College for an override code which they will issue immediately. Also, this course satisfies Contemporary Ethical Engagements (E) & Writing Intensive (WI) focus designations.
This course is cross listed between the Department of Political Science (POLS) and the Department of Womens Studies (WS) and UH system students should use the following CRN’s to register: 97135 (POLS) or 97253 (WS) 
Outreach college contact information –  email: ochelp@hawaii.edu or call tel: (808) 956-7221
Participation in the democratic experiment on the server is open to the public, even if you do not register for the class. However, participation in our class discussions and writing spaces is restricted to registered students.
Please pass this message along to anyone who may be interested in registering or otherwise participating in this radical experiment in democracy. Also, keep an eye out for the coming edition of Ka Leo for the feature article about this course.
Ke aloha,

Cody Lestelle

PhD student in Political Science at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
(Indigenous Politics & Alternative Futures)
Founder, Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences (AGILE)

Academy of Gameful & Immersive Languages Education


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