‘Kett’s Rebellion’ Demands Delivered to Old Saint Paul Cathedral

Be sure to follow my new wordpress blog m4dpr0f.wordpress.com and tune in to the free and open courses I am offering every Wednesday at 12pm Hawaiian time at twitch.tv/m4dpr0f …. this is an example of the sort of stuff I am doing as (a) Mad Professor

The Mad Professor

The demands have been delivered. Enclosers Enclosed.

Screenshot (1090) Thanks dordsor21 for your wonderful build of the Old Saint Paul’s Cathedral and providing me an appropriate landmark to deliver these demands to. I hope to build a more in depth reconstruction of the context of these demands in Norfolk, but this is a very appropriate place for me to deliver them now! This build has been added to the server as it’s own world for now, still in Void. It will eventually be placed in a larger reconstruction of London.

2019-03-06_06.15.21 So, after following the steps outlined in the AGILE Book Editor tutorial, I used that command to create a dispenser for the text at the entrance to the cathedral. 

2019-03-06_06.19.29 And here is what it looks like in-game


To continue reading in-game, join our server and quest your way to the cathedral. Or use the command to generate in your own instance of…

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