Protect Traditional Birthing Practices

[UPDATE – March 20, 2019: you can see the testimony I submitted to SB1033 SD2 for yesterday’s hearing at the capitol on the matter in this PDF: SB1033 Testimony 2019.03.19; for current measure status see here; there will be a decision making hearing tomorrow Thursday March 21st, 2019 at 10:05AM in the Hawaiʻi State Capitol building at 415 South Beretania Street, conference room 329 ]
ProtectTraditionalBirthing 2019.03.19
Aloha mai kākou,
Urgent testimony and organizing needed to protect traditional birthing practices against kolonaio attack. Please see attached and review SB 1033 current status at:
     My two beautiful perfect babies would not have arrived to this world in the manner they did if we had been forced to choose between what this bill would have made into illegal home births and the coercive pressures of our medicalized midwives at Castle that we were fortunate enough to legally opt away from and move to our preferred midwives. The medical and highly money driven model we were working with because of state insurance coverage at the Castle Birthing Center turned out to be a no go for us because our midwife there soon started pressuring us to get a ton of invasive tests and very quickly that turned into a male European doctor trying to set an induction date for us. Since momma had already had two medical hospital births, one of which was very violent, and we had arrived pregnant to Oʻahu armed with knowledge and wisdom and blessed with another route, we said aole to the business of being born and opted for a sacred healing reception for both of our star babies. I am well aware that the only reason we were allowed such a smooth path is thanks to generations of kūpuna resisting these repeated attempts by the kolonaio to steal the power of life for its own nefarious ends. YA BASTA!
     I have also attached the PDF of the most recent round of testimonies and a PDF of the details for Tuesday’s session. Additional archives of livestreams, testimony, and relevant literature available in this Google Drive folder. If you have any suggestions for additional educational materials on the matter please share with me or add an entry on this collective open (annotated) bibliography I just created for this purpose.
     I am currently writing my testimony which is due by 8:30AM Monday (tomorrow). Any manaʻo any of you have to share on the matter (whether for or against the present bill or entirely indifferent to the kolonaio legal process) is much appreciated. I am not providing any information in favor of the bill because that all seems to be ACOG and kolonaio medical paradigm witch-hunt related material. If anyone has well informed manaʻo that favors this bill, I would be very curious to see/read/hear that.
Ke aloha,


Cody Lestelle

PhD student in Political Science at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
(Indigenous Politics & Alternative Futures)
Founder, Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences (AGILE)

Academy of Gameful & Immersive Languages Education

(+1) 425.244.5692

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