What’s going on with Cody right now?

Peace all,

I have been through hell and back several times over the past week. Details forthcoming in memoirs. I wanted to throw this update on my blog real quick for anyone following here. Below you will see 1) a link to a crucial GoFundMe fundraiser I put together last night in the hopes of saving my household from crumbling amidst the compounding emergencies and traumas of the past moon cycle and 2) a video I shot yesterday as a form of art therapy and exploration of the AGILE Multiversity campus I have been building in community with over the past year. Thanks for reading and peeping.

  1. Please help if you can:
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    On March 22nd, 2019 Cody Lestelle was struck by an impatient driver in a hit-and-run accident in Honolulu. Cody was on his way to teach the after-school program he runs as part of his organization, the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences (AGILE). In the accident Cody’s shin and ankle were fractured and thus his ability to continue working and provide for his family have been extremely negatively impacted. Since the accident Cody has been struggling to continue to meet all of his family’s financial needs while his wife and mother of the family’s two babies, Epiphany, continues to work more than full time as the primary care provider for their nearly one and three year young keiki. Cody was more recently hospitalized from April 14th to 18th as a result of extreme stress following the hit-and-run incident on March 22nd. This has brought the family close to a breaking point which this fundraiser is being organized to prevent. The initial goal is set at $2,500 to try and cover what remains of one month’s living expenses after all other possible resources have been exhausted. The family still receives SNAP benefits (food stamps) and a small stipend for Cody’s continued teaching through AGILE but currently the success of this fundraiser is crucial to maintaining housing and utilities for Cody and his ʻohana in the wake of the hit-and-run.
  2. M4dpr0f chillin, reflecting, & reading in the AGILE Multiversity (feat. Beehive Design Collective)




[UPDATE April 30, 2019: consider signing up for the AGILE online summer camp! See:


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