Escuelita Zapatista

I have created this space to share materials relating to the Escuelita Zapatista, or the Zapatista Little School. You will find the “Ellos y Nosotros” (Them and Us) communiques in web-format including the videos and the textbooks released as part of the Escuelita in .pdf format (see below). To see what is currently going on with the Z’s, simply visit

EZLN Communiques leading up to the Escuelita:

  • Did you Listen?
  • The EZLN Announces Next Steps
  • We Don’t Know You?
  • Letter to Luis Héctor Álvarez Álvarez
  • Cartoon from the Sup to the Lame Critics
  • Postscript to the Cartoon : Putting out the Fire with Gasoline
  • To  Alí Babá and His 40 Thieves
  • Them and Us
    I. The (Un)reasonables Above
    II. The Machine in Almost 2  ages
    III. The Overseers
    IV. The Pains of Those Below
    V. The Sixth
    VI. The Gaze
    1. One may gaze to impose or gaze to listen
    2. To look and to listen from/toward below
    3. Some other gazes
    4. To look and communicate
    5. To gaze into the night in which we are
    6: We are he
  • VII: The Smallest of them All
    1. Learning to govern and govern ourselves, that is, to respect and respect ourselves
    2. How is it done?
    3. The compañeras. The long path of the Zapatistas
    4. The compañeras: Taking on the cargo
    5. The money
    6. Resistance
    7. On Doubts, Shadows, and a One-Word Summary

Textbooks provided at the Escuelita to students:




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